Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ginny Down...

Tuesday I gave blood. I have given blood a few times before and have never had a problem. In fact, last time I gave blood I played in an intramural football game and ran three hours later. I'm sure that wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done, but I didn't have any problems. This experience was a little different. My work sponsors a blood drive in our building every three months. I encouraged a friend of mine from work to go with me because "It isn't that bad" and I was going to talk her through it. We went down and I got through all my preliminary stuff first. I got hooked up the the bag and it took about five minutes for me to give my blood. I laid in the cot for about five minutes afterwards relaxing because I was going to wait for my friend. I got up and went to the "recovery area" and ate a cookie and drank water. I started to feel dizzy and thought I might need a trashcan. :) I remember thinking I should say something about it and the next thing I know I am lying on a cot in the basement of our building with no clue where I am, how I got there, or what day it was. Apparently I fell out of the chair I was sitting on and landed on my face. This picture was taken about ten minutes after the fall.

As you can tell I look beautiful with two nicely placed carpet burn on my face. I also had carpet in my eye. I ended up going back up to the office and heading home. My friend drove me home because I was really in no shape to drive.

Here is what I looked like on day 2(pink hat):
This is when the swelling set in. I actually landed on my eye and bone around my eye. I couldn't see very well out of it yesterday so I stayed home from work. It was my first sick day ever from any job I have every had. Kody started calling me his "domestically abused Ginny" which of course, isn't funny, but it definitely looks like something besides me falling out of chair happened.
Day 3 (blue shirt): Swelling galore! It is like getting my wisdom teeth out on the left side all over again. At least today I am back at work and can see a little better, although it still is kind of hazy.

Passing out is scary, especially when you don't remember ten minutes of your life. Luckily, other than looking silly I am ok. My blood is going to save three lives. That makes me happy. I will keep you updated on my healing progress.


Michael and Katie said...

Sorry about your face, but I must admit I laughed. As a former VW employee, you will appreciate this story: Picture this, Ray comes into the office and I am lying on the floor of the conference room with a strange woman on top of me holding a wet paper towel! I had just given blood and immediately started to sweat profusely and became quite sick. So, she had me lay down on the floor and fanned me. I did not pass out, but Ray walked in the middle of the fanning. I imagine you can picture Ray seeing this and saying 'what is going on here!' It won't make you heal any faster, but maybe a laugh will help.

Gavan & Melody said...

Oh my goodness Ginny! I can't believe you fell so hard. I've passed out before and it is scary not remembering anything! Hope you recover quickly.