Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in the Groove

My life has returned to normal, well, as normal as my life really gets. I'm finally back at home hanging out with Kody and Bailey, not eating out every night, and relaxing! Don't get me wrong, the holidays were great, but all the traveling just wears me down. I have needed some serious rejuvenation over the past week. I think I need another week of good sleep and I'll be back to normal! I got an iTouch for Christmas which I absolutely love. It has been such a blessing. I know that might sound silly, but it really has been. I finally was able to upload some of my cd's to it on Sunday night. I have about twenty on it right now. Most of them are some of my favorite cd's that are at least four or five years old plus all the Christian artists I have (including New Reign! YAY!) Anyway, the past three days I have been able to listen to it at work. I'm pretty much glued to my computer all day so it's nice to have my music. I cannot explain to you how much it helps to be able to listen to uplifting and positive songs throughout the day. It might sound silly to some, but listening to Christian music completely changes my attitude and outlook. Whenever I start getting stressed out at work or frustrated something in the song just helps me keep it all in prospective. Anyway, that's the only insight into my soul you are getting today. MercyMe "Undone" and Seven Places "Here Us Say Jesus" are two of the best cd's out there. Get them now.

I just finished eating a delicious grapefruit and now my pants are covered in citrus juice. Oops!

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