Monday, January 14, 2008

Lazy Days

The ink on one of my stamps here at work smells exactly like the halls outside the pool at OCCC. It smells like I am walking to the cafeteria to get a bagel after warm-ups at a meet. Isn't it funny how one smell makes you think of things you hardly ever think about? Brains are funny like that.

Kody and I watched fourteen episodes of House Season 3 this weekend. Yes, we were that lazy and it was fantastic. We also ate at Red Robin twice and saw "Juno". I have to say it was a pretty great weekend! I watched two of Kody's hockey games. They lost both, but he played well. Playoffs are this coming Sunday. They are the last seed, mainly because they are win less so far this season. :) Maybe the playoffs will be their time to shine. One win would be nice...just one.

We are going to play in an indoor soccer league. I'm so excited. I miss soccer and I miss the competition. It should be fabulous. I love coed indoor. Good times.

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