Monday, August 31, 2009

A Few Things I Learned in Michigan...

1. It is not fun to not know where you are going Friday night near downtown Detroit.
2. I have a strange accent.
3. Kody is really smart and residents like him.
4. You can't make a left turn in lefts.
5. The Detroit airport is probably my favorite big airport ever. There is a tunnel that sounds like Space Mountain. So cool.
6. Michigan in August is just like Oklahoma in October...fantastic.
7. Everyone in Michigan owns a snow blower. (according to Kody)
8. Hardly anyone in Michigan has a fenced in yard. Weird.
9. Craig's List is not a good place to find housing in an unknown city. Oops.
10. Detroit Lions season tickets are super cheap.
11. People like to get drunk and hang outside my hotel room. Awesome.
12. Cheeseburgers in Paradise can survive in a Detroit suburb, but not Edmond/OKC. Interesting. Score for Michigan.
13. People in Michigan do not like Florida fans. MUHAHAHAHA

1 comment:

Melisa said...


1. I hear ya!
2. We got that a lot too.
3. Sweeeeeeeet!
4. It is so annoying, huh!
5. It is a good one. I agree!
6. Wait until you see the mosquitos. Ugh.
7. And if they don't, they should. ;o)
8. I thought so too. I love fences!
10. I never went...
11. Not cool. Sorry about that.
12. Told you MI rocks.
13. They like them more than Ohio fans at least. :o)