Monday, August 17, 2009

Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser!

On September 26th I will be participating in Fight Gone Bad IV. It is a fundraiser that supports the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes for a Cure. My goal is to raise at least $500 and I have one month to do it. Help me out! CrossFit athletes across the country will all be participating in the brutal Fight Gone Bad workout all in a effort to raise money for these great causes. Go here to learn more about the fundraiser. Every little bit helps. Go to the "about" section to learn more specifically about the two organizations. Check out the video section in the middle of the page for some inspiration.

If you would like to donate please go here to help sponsor my team. There is no minimum so whatever you can donate is much appreciated!


Michelle said...

so basically what I learned from your comment, the Apple pie that I made, and may have eaten some of last night, and posted about today is off limits if I really want results, and I will never be doing cross fit, I don't need p90x on crack, i can barely take this, although hopefully in 90 days i'll think totally different about that!

Michelle said...

check that, 87 days!