Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bye, Bye Hair

I chopped my hair off on Tuesday. I had a mini panic attack after the fact, but I'm feeling much better about it now. The real test was running yesterday morning. I had a little stub on the top of my head and fortunately it stayed up the whole time! What a relief. My head is much lighter now which I thoroughly enjoy. All in all I think it was a good move, a little impulsive, but still good.

I booked a flight to Tucson, Arizona for 4th of July weekend. My parents are flying me out there to see Robin for my birthday. I am what you could call a lousy sister. She has lived there almost two years and I haven't been out there once. I'm really looking forward to our sisterly is always interesting. :)

Tomorrow we are heading for Colorado for Kasey's graduation from the Air Force Academy. I'm not a fan of long car rides because I have trouble sleeping in the car and I can't read without getting sick. My goal is to have Kody rub my back the entire trip so I can relax, but I have a strange feeling that isn't going to happen. We are meeting my parents at the middle McDonald's on the turnpike tonight to swap Bailey. They are keeping her for us while we are gone. I'm going to miss that monkey dog so much. Tomorrow she turns two. What a big girl!

YAY David Cook!

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gingela said...

How on God's green earth can you do a blog about chopping all of your hair off and not have a picture?? What is this--amateur hour?