Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do the Right Thing

I stopped by Panera to pick up some quick lunch this afternoon. I hardly ever have time to take a leisurely lunch and do anything I want...yes, I am unfortunately a workaholic. That is what advertising does to you! Anyway, I got there around 1PM so the lunch crowd had died down a little bit. The Panera near my office doesn't have the best parking, so I was pretty pleased with myself when I got a spot near the front. I was walking in and saw a big black suburban had pulled into a handicapped parking spot right by the entrance. Two ladies got out, probably in their forties, NOT handicapped. I glanced inside the car and sure enough they had a handicapped hanger properly placed on their rear view mirror. I was just shocked at how obvious it was that neither one of them needed that spot. What if someone else did and it wasn't available? I just think people should think twice before doing things that aren't right, but that they can get away with. Sure, they had the hanger so it does technically allow them to park there, but I guarantee you the hanger wasn't for either of them. Such a shame.

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