Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Waiting for November

It is the middle of June and all I can think about today is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perhaps that is because I am quite obsessed with the holiday season. It gets me all excited inside like Disney World. This year I have a dream. My dream is simple, yet it still seems unobtainable. This year I want to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for my family and Kody's. Yes, I want to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner by myself. I'm not sure what sparked my enthusiasm, but whatever it was I love it. Maybe it is that I have been craving the cranberry orange relish that my mom and I make every year or it could be that I've been religiously reading various food websites over the past year. A few of my favorites are:


Take a gander, they are all simply fabulous and educational. After researching as much as I have, I feel like I am prepared and ready to take on the challenge of preparing a holiday meal. The only problem will be getting everyone to my house.

Other exciting holiday news is that Kody and I are going to the Florida / Florida State game the Saturday after Thanksgiving at The Swamp. Yes sports fans, we will get to witness the current NCAA Champion Florida Gators on their home turf in one of the greatest in state rivalries in the history of this great nation. We leave in twenty one weeks and three days. The countdown is on.

A Few Fun Side notes:

Yesterday I locked my keys in the trunk at Target and Kody had to come bail me out. Fun.

A girl that I work with just saw Issac Hanson at a coffee shop in Tulsa.

I have already chewed half a pack of Orbit Citrus Mint gum today. My jaw hurts.

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