Monday, June 25, 2007

My Green Thumb

I have an open blister on the inside of my left thumb. It's from mowing the yard. Who knew mowing could be so detrimental to your hands! It feels like I spent four hours in the batting cage without gloves. Now that can mess your hands up. It has been raining and raining and raining some more in Tulsa over the past few weeks. It has really limited the number of opportunities we have to work in the yard. Finally on Sunday we had our chance! Even though the weather was good, the grass was still wet, but something had to be done. We weren't sure when we would have clear skies again. Because the grass had gotten so long we decided to bag the grass instead of just letting the mower spread the grass clippings everywhere (much easier). Since I had to mow with the bag on the mower it added what felt like 50 pounds of wet grass. I haven't worked up a sweat like that in a long time...and I work out! My shoulders were pretty spent after pushing that thing around for an hour. I was quite pleased with myself. Don't worry, Kody was working too. I actually enjoy mowing. I think it is because I never was allowed to mow growing up. My parents always thought I was going to run over my foot. Plus, since my dad is a doctor we always heard about the types of patients he saw in his clinic: mowing accidents, car accidents, and the worst of them all...trampoline accidents. The first time I told them I mowed the yard in Tulsa they said to me, "Make sure you wear shoes, Ginny". Really? Am I not going to wear shoes? Silly parents! Anyway, since I never mowed growing up I don't mind mowing now. It makes me feel very capable. I take pride in making our yard look nice. I weeded all the flower beds as well. It looks quite spectacular. Our rose bushes are a beautiful bright pink and the grass is really green, thanks to all the wonderful we weather we have had. I really just wanted to tell everyone I had a painful blister on my thumb. Give me sympathy. I need it!

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