Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dance It Off

I am so excited for this evening. I am beginning my first ever dance class tonight! I am taking a Salsa dancing class with a few girls from church. I have a feeling I am going to be awesome. I will update on that tomorrow. I can't wait to get my groove on.

Kody took a practice board test on Sunday. He passed. YAY! Sure, that really doesn't mean much since it didn't count, but it is nice to help boost his confidence a little. I don't want him to get too confident though. Kody needs a little pressure to stay motivated. He knows now that he has the ability to end up doing really well, so we are both positive about it. Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to do with how well he does. I get him snacks and drinks as needed and tell him he is awesome. :)

I have Friday off. It could not come at a better time. I think I am going to go see "The Happening" Friday afternoon by myself. I know, me go to a movie by myself? Who would have thought?!? I'm quite capable of doing things without people and almost prefer it sometimes. Kody doesn't want to see it with me. He claims it is because he has to "study", but I know it is because he is scared out of his mind. He doesn't like movies that are intended to frighten viewers. :)

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Michael and Katie said...

Ooooh, did you go see the movie? I would be way too scared to go to that movie by myself! Michael and I got Pei Wei take-out and rented a scary movie on Friday night to celebrate "Friday the 13th". It was great. Let us know how the dancing went! katie