Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Almost Famous

This weekend was the 8th annual Mark Harmon Celebrity baseball game in Oklahoma City. For the past eight years, Mark Harmon brings a group of "celebrities" to OKC to help raise money for The Children's Center. The Children's Center is one of the most fabulous places in all of Oklahoma. They do amazing things for disabled children and their families. My dad works in pediatric orthopedic spine and has a large number of patients at The Children's Center; he helped get his group involved with Mark Harmon. Friday night there was a live and silent auction at Boulevard Bowl in Edmond. The auction had some amazing items like a suite for 12 at the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving day, a trip for two to NYC for the ESPY awards, and a trip the World Series. In addition there was a casino night where Kody and I spent most of our time at the craps table. I put a fake $500 on black at roulette twice and won both times. I'm getting a false since of confidence when it comes to gambling. :) Luckily I am far to frugal and poor to actually bet a large some of money on anything.

Saturday was the big game. I had been helping my dad "train" for the past few months. I would hit him fly balls and go to the batting cages with him. It really made me miss playing. I miss hitting for an hour straight. It made me feel powerful! Anyway, he played first base at the game. It was fun to see him chatting up Mark Harmon, Frank Marshall (Producer of Indian Jones, Back the Future, Bourne Identify), and Rick Sutcliffe (pitcher for the Cubs and Dodgers) when they got on base. Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys was there. He has to be one of the best mascots I have ever seen, other than Albert and Alberta of course! To make a long story short, The Bombers, Mark Harmon's team, whipped up on the OSSO Outlaws. However, they did raise over $300,000 dollars for The Children's Center. Quite impressive. To date they have raised far over $1,000,000 for the Center.

Saturday night Frank Marshall hosted an "after party" for all the Bomber players and the OSSO guys. They rented out the rooftop of a new condo complex in downtown OKC. It is right next to the Bricktown Ballpark and Harkins Theater. It was AMAZING. I'm not going to lie, it made me feel pretty high class. Frank Marshall was the DJ and there was a dance floor. Storms were coming in so lightning surrounded us, but it was still far enough away to enjoy being outside. It was gorgeous. It has to be the absolute best location in Oklahoma City. Kody and I fell in love with the rooftop. It felt like something out of a movie....standing on a rooftop with the wind blowing in our hair, music playing in the background, people dancing and laughing...very cool.

In other news, I saw the Gators play in the Women's College World Series on Sunday. They beat Texas A&M 6-1, but then lost again later that night and were eliminated. I got a pretty awesome sunburn on my shins as a souvenir.

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