Friday, June 20, 2008

The Day We Have Been Waiting For...

Kody is taking his Step 1 USMLE test at this very moment. The USMLE is the MD boards. He takes the COMLEX, the DO boards, on Wednesday in Oklahoma City. I have talked to him twice through the test during some breaks and he sounds pretty positive. I think the first few sections were kind of rough, but he is feeling pretty good about the back end. He only has to use the USMLE score if he ends up applying for an MD residency. Being a DO student, he can apply for both MD and DO residencies. MD students can only apply for MD residencies because they are not trained in OMM, which DO students are. The rest of the schooling and training in MD and DO programs is identical. Anyway, please keep him and us in your prayers for the next few days! He has been working so hard. Rotations start July 1. Let the fun begin!

Kody and I are hanging out with Kasey and Ashely tonight. YAY! Ashley flew in from Texas this afternoon. I love double dates. :) I'm going to try to persuade everyone to see "Get Smart". I loved watching that on Nick at Nite growing up. So fun.

I have spent the last two hours at work in the "media closet" cleaning out magazine and reorganizing. Friday's are great days for stuff like that. I just put on my iPod and zone out. I feel so productive even though I'm not doing anything super important or difficult.

Happy weekend!

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