Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok I'm finally posting some pictures from our Colorado adventure. It is about once every six months I actually transfer pictures from my camera to the computer. Enjoy!This is in front of the Air Force chapel. It is beautiful. The Saturday after graduation it is usually booked with back to back weddings.

This is from Casa Bonita in Denver. Kody saw the balloon making machine and just had to have one. The balloon survived most of the trip. I think it even came back in the car with us to Oklahoma! It was our friend.This is right before our whitewater rafting adventure. You can't really tell how awesome we looked in our wet suits in these pictures, but you can use your imagination. It was special.This is after Kasey's graduation at the Air Force Academy stadium.

In other news, Happy 26th Birthday Kinsey! Salsa class was great last night. I was exhausted afterwards. I always knew dancers had to be in great shape and I consider myself to be pretty fit, but this is a whole other type of fit. My legs were dying. I'm getting the turns down. We started using our hips a lot more last night which made it quite fun! :) Happy Wednesday.

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