Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did You Hear?

It snowed! I know, right? a total shock, I doubt anyone even noticed...

Blizzard 2009 came with it's own name and snazzy logo in Oklahoma City where I was with my family. Kody was stranded in Tulsa until Saturday due to our "brilliant" plan of splitting up so everyone could see everyone. Lesson learned, stick together. It actually worked out great. I got to spend a lot of good quality time with my sister and her two brand new guns. Yup, I said guns and no I'm not referring to her biceps. I'm referring to actual shot em up action guns. She is the military and well, Robin, so it all makes perfect sense to me. Robin and my dad had a good time at the gun range. I missed out on that adventure.

Kody finally made it to my family's home on Saturday afternoon. He spent three days playing Dynasty Warriors 5 in Tulsa. No, he was not sad to be stuck at our house. He had his own little wonderful Christmas with Bailey, Cao Pi and the other warrior families. I would like to think he was heartbroken to be away from me, but if you know Kody you know he probably didn't even notice the absence. Silly boy.

In non holiday related news, Tulsa got a new radio station. GenX radio. Oh. My. Goodness. It is what my iPod would sound like if I had an iPod in 8th grade. I'm in musical heaven. Late 80's, 90's and super early 2000's. Someone had me in mind when they programmed this station. Any station that plays Warrent, NSYNC, Weezer C&C Music Factory and Salt N Pepa back to back to back is OK in my book. Everybody dance now...

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