Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip Rundown

I was all excited to post some pictures of trip today since I have been blogging idle for awhile. Unfortunately, I left my camera cord at home. So, in lieu of pictures I will give you a brief rundown of my fabulous trip to Mexico! Pictures to come later.

Day 1:
  • Wake up a 4:30 AM
  • Leave Tulsa at 6:15AM for Houston
  • Kody buys a Rubik Cube in Houston and it becomes his best friend.
  • Sat on a runway in Houston for one hour because a HEADREST was broken. Yes, a head rest. Awesome. To make up for it we all received free headphones which normally cost $3.
  • Arrive in Cancun and instead of the six passenger transportation I purchased for it we got a PERSONAL CAR to our resort. Super score.
  • Passed lots of check points with the "Policia" checking for drugs and gangstas. Luckily our personal car didn't get pulled over.
Day 2 through Day 5:
  • Runs on the beach every morning.
  • Late breakfast with lots of french toast, nutella, fresh fruit and other yummy things.
  • Lounging on beach beds all afternoon reading my Jane Green books.
  • Kody plays his Rubik cube all afternoon while I read my Jane Green books.
  • Snorkeling and almost swimming into a barracuda. Scary.
  • Kayaking in the ocean.
  • Room service and lazy river swim up room fun
  • Wearing fun dresses to dinner every night!
  • Meeting lots of British people on "holiday'. I felt like I was in my Jane Green books!
  • Getting a tan.
  • Meeting lots of Iguanas.
  • Ping pong and checkers by the pool.
  • Water volleyball with some not very talented water volleyball players (like myself).
  • Lots of quality time with my hubby!
We had a great time. I can't wait to go back. Swim up rooms are awesome. Now we are back in the Oklahoma cold and my tan is fading. So sad.

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