Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kody

Yesterday was Kody's 27th birthday. I would have posted this yesterday, but I refuse to look a computer unless I have to during the weekend. So here it birthday ode to my husband.

Reasons I Like my Husband:
1. He is silly.
2. He watches Glee with me and loves it.
3. He is the only person in the world that might love my baby dog more than I do.
4. He encourages my desire to save stranded/lost puppies.
5. He wrote a rap song for his brother's wedding that was really funny/awesome.
6. He has worked extremely hard the last three and a half years during medical school.
7. He lets me be in charge of the remote.
8. He never argues when I say, "Let's go out to eat! I don't want to cook!"
9. He loves the "Go Gators" just like I do...despite their sad showing on Saturday.
10. He is a really good friend.
11. He encourages my belief in Santa Clause. Plus, he watches Home Alone and Elf with me all year movies ever.
12. He loves guacamole.
13. He is going to be a wonderful doctor.
14. He makes himself cry when he laughs too hard...which makes him laugh harder.
15. He is taking me to Mexico!
Happy birthday a day late Kody. You are getting so OLD!

Now that Kody is 27, I become least to him. So I guess I should go ahead and wish myself a happy 28th birthday seven months early. :)

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ashleyinfrance said...

Happy Birthday Kody! And seven months early to you Ginny! So look forward to another bday wish in 7 months. Have fun on your Mexico vacation, I can't wait to hear about it, and we can swap vacation pictures over Christmas when Kasey and I get back from Costa Rica! YEAH! And I love the couples trip idea, lets start thinking of places to go and you and I can get to planning :-)