Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Taught you bought hangin' tough..."

This past weekend Kody and I were in Edmond for Brooke's wedding. It was beautiful and sweet and everything I know she wanted it to be. She looked gorgeous. Her dress was clean and simple. I love her hair. I will put up pictures eventually, but I am kind of a slacker when it comes to those things! One of the highlights of the day was finding out that the lady that was doing her make-up used to do make-up for New Kids on the Block!!! I am not kidding. She is from Boston and as all true New Kids fans know, that is where it all started. How jealous am I that Brooke can tell people her make-up artist worked for New Kids on the Block. Some girls have all the luck....

Last night was the first night of our female bible study from church. The two young married classes are getting together to study every other week. I'm really excited about it. It is going to be so nice to have that connection with people here in Tulsa. Kody is going to go to the men's study as well. I think it is going to be very positive for both of us.

Last night we had very strong storms. Kody and I both woke up about 3AM to the loudest hail I have ever heard. I thought all of our windows were going to bust. Apparently the tornado sirens were going, but we couldn't here them. That is kind of scary! Bailey slept through the whole thing on our bed. I love that silly dog.

One of my great friends from high school who lives in California now, Brittany, gets to go see NKOTB perform on the Today Show. Seriously people, I have to see them. I'm getting too jealous of my friends!


Ging said...

How is she seeing them in CA when the Today show is filmed in NY???

The McB's! said...

Hey Ginny!
Susan told me that you have a blog. I miss you guys. She said that you are doing well. I am a huge NKOTB fan! Their concert in 89 was my first concert. I am so excited that they are getting back together. Tell Kody I said hi!
Love Katie