Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Weekend

Friday night was the SAA cookout. Kody was such a good sport about helping out. Honestly, if it wasn't for him it wouldn't have happened. He did all the grilling, helped clean, and mowed the front yard fifteen minutes before everyone got there. There is nothing better than having a husband who is willing to help. It makes life so much easier! We had a great time with everyone there. We ate too much and played Guitar Hero...our favorite! Bailey was very well behaved. There were two one year olds there and she let them pet her and play with her. I'm so proud!

Saturday morning I ran the Grace Race 5K. There were a few elite runners there that ran ridiculous times. These women were running 16:00 and 17:00 5K's. Ouch! I ran a 23:20 which is actually quite good...especially since I haven't been running as much as I would like. I'm trying to run a 5K a few times a month just to get back into racing. I already have the Route 66 marathon on my calendar. Sunday, November 16th is the big day. I would love to do a few sprint triathlons this summer, but I never seem to have time to do everything I want to do.

Saturday evening we watched Maddie Clark, Kody's cousin, play in the state championship soccer game. It was such an exciting game. It made me miss soccer so much. I always miss soccer. As Kody and I were walking into the game I said, "I wish I could go back to high school as me now". I guess that sounds silly, but he completely understood. I wish I could go back and compete. I have such a strong desire to do that again and towards the end of high school and college I just got burnt out. There was always so much going on that I couldn't completely throw myself into one thing. I think that was good and bad in different ways. I know there are so many things that I never really reached my full potential in (that sounds so silly!). Watching the game just got me so excited. They were tied 3-3 at the end of regulation and played two ten minute bonus halves. First goal wins. They got through the first ten minutes scoreless and then Maddie's teamed scored on the kickoff of the second ten minute round. So exciting! I think everyone should be able to experience winning a state championship. It's the best!

In other news, I'm trying to convince my sister to go into business with me whenever we find out where we will be for Kody's residency. I want to open my own personal training business with her. Can you imagine Robin and I working together? It would be fantastic. Not only would we be able to kick our clients into gear, but we would thoroughly entertain them. I have about two years to get her to agree to the idea.

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