Friday, July 11, 2008


Kody and I have developed a new workout obsession. It is called CrossFit. Our friend Stephen Tidwell, who is a third year medical student with Kody, has been going for the past five weeks. He has been talking to Kody about it and telling him how great it is. Kody decided we should go try it out on Wednesday to see how we liked it. A couple other med students have been going as well. The minute we walked into the gym I was hooked. Basically you get a workout everyday and it is completely different everyday. You do it for time so you are basically trying to do everything as well as you can, but also as fast as you can to keep the intensity up. It's like a competition work out! If that doesn't scream my name then I don't know what does.

Our Wednesday work out was an 800m run, 21 pull ups, and 21 push jerks which are kind of like a combination of a squat and shoulder press. We repeated that three times. Trust me, trying to do three sets of 21 pull ups is NOT easy. The workouts are posted online so you know what you are doing before you get there. We go through a really good warm up that incorporates stretching, abs, dips, pull ups, lunges and squats. I can't explain to you how great it feels to really get my butt kicked in a workout. There are CrossFit gyms all over the country. Below is the link to the main website where you can find one where you live and also the one to ours so you can see what workouts we do! Yesterday's work out was crazy. I think today is going to be intense, but not so strenuous. I can hardly lift my arms over my head. It's a great feeling. :) Oh yeah, my time has beat Kody's every time so far, but he also uses a lot more weight than I do so I can't brag too much!

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Keith said...

Loved reading your post about Crossfit. Keep it up. The best thing is now you can pretty much go anywhere in the world and find a Crossfit gym that'll welcome you to the family.