Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tucson Time

Seriously, is it really almost my birthday? I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I say that almost every post, but it is true. I am completely blown away.

I was in Tucson, Arizona over 4th of July weekend visiting Robin. I had a great time. She took me shopping for my birthday. It was so nice to get to pick out some new clothes! I never let myself do that because I absolutely can't stand spending money. Sometimes, I just have to make myself, but in this case I just had to pick out what I liked and not pay. Now that is the way to shop! We did a lot of working out (shocking). I ate at my new favorite place in the world called, Chopped. It is simply phenomenal. You pick out everything you want in your salad and shop it up for you. I know what you are thinking, a salad is no exciting...but it is! You can put absolutely ANYTHING on it. It was fantastic! We also ate at this place called El Charro. The chimichanga was invented there...no lie! I didn't eat one, but I did eat a lot. They had the best Tres Leches cake. My mouth waters a little bit thinking about it....

We watched fireworks and just had a good time together. Robin is selling her house so I helped her clean. For someone who is very self sufficient she doesn't know how to clean kitchens and bathrooms well. It was funny. She took me to her base and I got to see the airplan graveyard. that was pretty incredible. It is just a huge stretch of planes that have been retired. They keep them at her base because Tucson has a perfect climate for the planes. It is just hot, but it is a dry heat. It is very different than Oklahoma heat. I'll post some pictures from my adventure within the next few days.

In other exciting news, Kody and I are putting in new granite counter tops in our kitchen! Once we decided to do that we also decided to paint and distress our cabinets and tile a back splash. I'm literally giddy over the whole thing. It is going to look amazing. A lot of work...but worth it! Who knew owning a home could be so fun when you get to change whatever you want! I feel so grown up now. :)

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