Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!

Yes, today I am officially over the hump and on the downhill to 50. I am 26 today. I love my birthday. I generally celebrate for at least a week. It is kind of like Christmas. I like to extend it as much as possible.

Here are a few fun things that happened on my day of birth!
1661: The Bank of Stockholm issues Europe's first bank notes
1935: The first working parking meter is installed in Oklahoma City
1945: First atomic bomb test, in New Mexico, USA
1965: The Mont Blanc road tunnel, linking France and Italy, opens
1969: Apollo 11, the first manned Moon landing, launched
2008: Kody received the official notice that he passed the USMLE boards

Celebrities that share this fantastic day with me. Funny how they all speak to a different part of my personality and tastes. It is meant to be:
Will Ferrell (1967) Love his movies, I cannot wait to see Step Brothers
Ginger Rogers (1911) She is a phenomenal dancer...I love watching her
Orville Redenbacher (1907) I am addicted to POPCORN!
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1889) One of the greatest offensive baseball players of all time with an all time batting average of .356...amazing.
Phoebe Cates (1963) Starred in Gremlins...I love Gizmo.
Corey Feldman (1971) Two words...The Burbs

I hope everyone has a great day!


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Young Fam said...

Happy Birthday and congrats to Kody! That's so exciting!