Thursday, July 31, 2008

Insomnia and M&M's

I haven't stopped yawning in five days. I'm not lying. It's pathetic. Exhausted. Spent. Done. I push myself until I can't go anymore. I love it though. I honestly wouldn't want it any other way. I'm off tomorrow so I have been putting in 10+hour days. Combine that with CrossFit (my new true love) and the heat, it has been one long, exhausting week. Last night was the first night since Sunday I have slept through the night. I have been suffering from slight insomnia due to the heat. Our house does not cool down until about 2AM. I have a fear that something is wrong with our air conditioning, but I'm so scared that I will be right and have to pay to have it fixed that I am scared to call to have someone come look at it. Oh the joys of home owning! Our CrossFit work out last night was horrendous in such a glorious way. It was the kind of work out that makes you question your ability the whole way through and then makes you feel like superman when you finish. It has been a long time since a thirty minute workout has brought me to my knees and made me beg for mercy. I loved it though and in some sick way I can't wait to do it again. Visit for more details. Read up on Wednesday 7-30-08. Brutal. There is also an action shot of me on Monday 7-21-08 if you dare to look.

I achieved quite an accomplishment today. I jumped my first car. I was at lunch with one of my TV reps. Her kids left the light on in her car over night so she had to jump it this morning. Unfortunately, she had to do it again after lunch. Neither of us had done it on our own before so it was kind of comical. We kept repeating out loud "Black is negative, red is positive". Her car started and mine did not blow up. All in all I think we were pretty successful! Plus, we gave the lunch patrons of downtown Tulsa a good show and laugh.

Silly factoid of the day: I have vowed to only eat blue and orange M&M's in support of my Florida Gators through football season. We have jars of M&M's all over the office and I pick them out in pairs. I'm such a good and slightly sick fan.


gingela5 said...

you're a weirdo...and I think secretly you're having a contest with me that you haven't told me about...who can post more on their blog...and I like your new design! very GROWN UP! And your AC might just need new freon (no idea if that's spelled right)

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