Thursday, November 6, 2008

Like a Surgeon...Cutting For The Very First Time

Kody finally got to assist with a surgery! I'm so excited. I think he thinks I am a huge nerd because of my excitement level. Like I have said he is on his OB/GYN rotation and this is surgery week. The first three days he spent in clinic because there were no surgeries...none! How horrible to be on surgery week with no surgery! Anyway, today he had surgery all morning. That is fun to say...he had surgery all morning. In the last one, a hysterectomy, he got to "move stuff around" and do the final sutures before they closed up the patient. I never want to know if a third year medical student is doing anything to my internal organs...unless it is Kody or one of the Stephen's. :)

In other news, I might have to buy new pants soon. I have a lunch set up with a rep every single day next week. Sure, it makes me feel popular to be so loved, but my poor waistline! Luckily I like to work out about as much as I like to eat so hopefully it will even out.
I bought a fantastic candle for my office. It is a Glade Cinnamon Gingerbread Limited Edition candle infused with essential oils. It smells like Christmas, plus it has a cute gingerbread man on the label. Go get one so you can smell the Christmas spirit too!
Me and my pal...Nicholas Cage.


Emily said...

Love the title...very clever.

gingela5 said...

Good Weird Al reference. And for a second I was like--who is Ginny posing with? And then I remembered...I'm so gullible!