Friday, November 7, 2008

Working for the Weekend

I have the sweetest husby in the world. He brought me flowers at home last night for no reason at all. Well, maybe there was a reason...he loves me! I didn't find them until this morning because he played basketball until 11:30 last night and almost forgot to come home. That is the usual Thursday routine though. He plays basketball and I get to watch Grey's Anatomy without him asking me to record it and watch something else. I love having control over my television!

I keep singing "everybody's working for the weekend" in my head and visualising myself dancing in a barn just like in Footloose. No, that isn't the song Kevin Bacon dances to in Footloose, but in my 80's movie fantasy starring role I am dancing to that song....or maybe Maniac... Kody and I have a car dance to that song. We roll down the windows and jam. Sometimes you just need to dance it off.

Tonight we are watching Christmas movies and getting take out and I am really excited. I might as well move to a retirement home...

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