Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hallo Hallo Ween Ya'll

Ever since we got Bailey I have wanted to dress her up as a little Florida Gators cheerleader for Halloween. I just think she would be the cutest and cheeriest cheerleader ever, and yes Bailey is a dog. I came up with a brilliant family costume idea in the car on the way to CrossFit a couple days ago. Kody loved it as well. I want Kody to dress up as Tim Tebow and I will be a Heisman Trophy. How fantastic would that be? I will just stand around and pose next to "Tim" all night. Bailey will be our cheerleader. I can see the Christmas card already. I really like family themed costumes. When I was 2 1/2 I was a monkey and my sister, who was barely a year old, and my mom were bananas. My dad was a gorilla. It was so sweet. I don't have kids yet, so I have to throw Bailey in the mix. Unfortunately, her cheerleader costume is going to be homemade. The upside is that since she is a dog she won't really care. She's not much into brand names.

A big shout out to my parents wishing them a happy 37th wedding anniversary today. WOW!


gingela5 said...

Poor Bailey--homeade cheap! haha She will be adorable! So does that mean you're going to be painted gold?

juneyor said...

Heisman trophy has got to be the coolest costume I've ever heard of. I usually go as a redneck that way I don't have to go out and buy anything, just open the closet grab something put it on and go out drinking with my buddies. That way its fully covered in beer stains and smells like cigarettes.. presto costume complete. although I think I'm gonna bust out the Jesus costume this year. My hair is long enough to pull it off this year.