Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three Down, Nineteen to Go

Kody started his fourth rotation today. I cannot believe how fast it is going by. Pretty soon we'll be retired and living at our lake house in Georgia. :) This month he is on pediatrics. Last month he was on family at a clinic in the downtown Tulsa area. Last night Kody was in a very talkative mood, which I loved. He was telling me all sorts of funny and somewhat inappropriate stories about his month in family medicine and the patients he saw. Don't worry, he didn't violate HIPAA at all! It is funny how after hearing him talk about it for so long certain things he says don't phase me at all. For instance, on this past rotation he got a lot of experience in the gynecological area. I think that is pretty special since he has no interest in OB/GYN at all. Too bad he gets to devote the entire month of November to that "area". I am severely lacking in the sympathy department. Anyway, as we are talking last night he says this to me:

Updated 10-14-08 Kody was incorrectly quoted by me. I regret my grievous error.
"I appreciate a hygienic "girl area". - MSIII Kody King

Yes, my dear, sweet innocent husband. Can you guess who made which GameDay sign yet? Funny thing is, being married to a medical student that comment seems like a completely normal statement. I just giggle to myself when I think about what other people would think if they were ever able to eavesdrop on our conversations. You could write a book...


gingela5 said...

Gross...Kody will never, EVER see my vajayjay...EVER.

Emily said...

Yes, but what can you tell by looking at a penis?

Hehe. I just typed penis.

Gavan & Melody said...

Oh my word Kody King! Watch your mouth!!!!!