Friday, September 26, 2008

GameDay Sign Contest!

Today marks the first official day of the "GameDay Sign Contest". For the rules go here. We tried to start last week, but due to technical difficulties we were postponed until this week. Below are two signs; one made by me and one made by Kody. You will notice I have not distinguished who is responsible for each sign in order to keep this thing fair. Take your time, go with your gut and vote for your favorite! Voting will go until next Friday when I post new signs. Please vote in the poll on the side bar for your favorite! Feel free to leave your comments on the signs in the comment section. Even if I don't know you...VOTE! It is your duty as a reader of this fantastic blog. Herbie would be proud..

To vote for this sign choose: Beaver

To vote for this sign choose: Bandwagon

If you need to take a closer look just double click on the icon and view the sign in all of it's glory! Have fun and vote wisely!


gingela5 said...

I don't get either one of them! But I'll vote for Beaver. Just because that's a funny one!

juneyor said...

Hey don't go trowing those USC rejects at Oklahoma. Send them over to Georgia and let them pretend they have a chance this year.

Michael and Katie said...

I love this! What a great idea!