Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy 100th!

This is a very exciting today. This post marks the 100th post I have made on "I Don't Think I'm a Grown-up Yet". Yes, it is a momentous day. I hope everyone enjoys keeping up with my life as much as I enjoy living it. I'm so cheesy....

I must admit that I have the sweetest husband alive. Friday he gave me an hour long massage. He didn't physically give it to me, but he let me pay someone else to do it. It was fantastic. It was sixty minutes of pure joy. My body has been so worn out from the past... ohhhh ...twenty six years. It was time for some rejuvenation. I think I could get used to being pampered like that. I can't think badly about anyone who regularly spends their expendable income on spa services. They are glorious! If I could afford it, I would do it every week. There, I said it, I'm a snob and I love it.

We had another busy weekend of traveling and visiting family. It has pretty much become the norm for us. We love seeing everyone, but it sure does wear us out! Saturday we went to Fort Gibson lake with Kody's family for their annual Labor Day festivities. We did a lot of eating and watched some football. Robin is home right now so we were in Edmond visiting her on Sunday and Monday. She had not been home since December! We had a great time. We saw "The Traitor" which I highly recommend. We hung out in Bricktown a lot and rode the new River Cruise boats. It so relaxing! It was so great to spend more time with her. I hope she comes home again soon!

Kody and Robin had a spitting contest in Bricktown. Kody won. They are beyond strange.

The three of us on the Oklahoma Explorer.

Kody used part of the ride as a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep.
Michael and Katie came over to my parent's on Monday with Miss Macy and their fabulous Husky, Jack. We kept telling them when we were in town we wanted to have a dog park date with Midori, Bailey and Jack. They ended up coming over to the house instead which was even better. Jack had never been in a big swimming pool, but he immediately decided he loved it! It was so much fun to watch the three of them play together. They are all the same age. Midori was smitten with Jack. I think she has a new boyfriend!

Kody and Robin swimming with Jack, Bailey and Midori.

Midori is trying to flirt with Jack by giving him a big hug!

Bailey was not to thrilled when Kody made her go swimming. She prefers to be dry and on land.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first weekend of college football! Game Day is going to be in Gainesville this Saturday for the revival of the Florida/Miami game. WAAAHOO! I love me some Herbie!


gingela5 said...

still mad at you--but congrats on your hundreth post.

Michael and Katie said...

jack had SO much fun with midori and bailey!