Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not There Yet

Last night Kody and I decided to have dinner at Red Robin. Shocking. It's like my own persaonl version of Cheers....where everyone knows my name. Seriously, they do. Anyway, we've been carpooling lately, which is really nice. He is in a clinic near my office for a family medicine rotation. We get to spend uninterrupted time together every day in the car. I don't know how often I will get that in the next few months, so I am enjoying it while I can. I say all this because on the way home he requested that we go to Red Robin for dinner because he "needed a hamburger since he had pizza for lunch". Isn't it great how men can just abandon all attempts to be healthly once they fall of the wagon for the day? I wish I had that ability in me. At dinner I had a moment of pure shock, excitement, terror and confusion all at once. Sounds fun, right?As we ate from our basket of fries (yes, I eat fries....occasionally) we started to talk about lots of random things. Of course the topic always turns to residency, where we are going to live, future little Ginny's or the Florida Gators. Here is a snippet of our future family conversation from last night:

Kody: "Are you ready?"
Me in my head: I'm sorry. What? Ready for what? I know you are not talking about children. You mean my food, right? Yes, I am ready for my food. I'm starving!
Me outloud:"Ummmm no". Kind of giggling because I am completely freaking out. "Why, are you ready?"
Kody: "I'm ready when you're ready".
Me in my head: Freaking out resumes.
Me outloud: "Aren't I supposed to be the one that begs you for years until you finally give in?"
Kody: "Exactly, I'm ready when you are."
Me in my head: Thank goodness...there is no way I can raise a child and a husband at the same time right now!

Sorry, no grandchildren for the parents anytime soon. I just realized last night that I am much further away from being "there" than I thought. This is a good example of why communication is so important in a can talk each other out of things!

Kody asks me every night now what I am going to write about the next day. Soon he'll start staging stunts just to get a blog out of it. Husbands are lots of fun!

Grey's and The Office premier tonight. Is anyone else just chomping at the bit to see what goes down? my DVR.


Emily said...

Here's the thing: You will never be ready to have kids so just take the plunge. When you do, you'll think "Why didn't do this the day I got married?"

ON THE OTHER HAND: Once you decide to have kids, you can't take it back.

That's me. Providing confusing and meaningless advice one blog at a time.

Gavan & Melody said...

First off, I agree with Emily. Once you have little ones, they are always going to be here but they are SO worth it!

Second, Gavan & I were just talking this afternoon about how many hours of TV we have to watch tonight and how many we will have on the DVR too! I love Thursday TV night!

And for Joy......Oh snap! She's my fav.

Summer Saldana said...

While I love kids...really, I do....especially when they're sleeping, I have to tell you to TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!

People who tell you to have them just want you to be sleepless and fried the way they are. Don't fall for it. I'll save you. Come to me, and I have lots and lots of stories to tell.

Enjoy your sleep, your husband, your free time, your quiet....and then maybe have kids when you think you've had enough of it being all about you. ;-)

lemonologie said...

On the one hand, I agree with your previous commenters. You should take your time and just enjoy the time that you have together.

On the other hand, it has taken my hubby & I 7 years to get pregnant - and that is time that I never planned for. I thought I would be able to just have a baby whenever I wanted to. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with that, but it's something to consider as you look at all your options!

Red Robin is awesome!

Daniel & Zoe's Mommy said...

Depending entirely on how long you and Kody have known each other, how WELL you know each other (and each others craaazy families)....throw it all out the window when you have kids!!

If you wait to have kids until you're "ready" you'll never have them ;0)

BUT speaking as someone who has watched many friends going through Residency and having children...unless you've got the most kick-a** support system surrounding yourself do a favor and DON'T have a "planned" little one during Kody's'll end up resentful of him though you don't think so now....I've watched it happen even with those who DON'T have kids. Your marriage can survive residency but it's not always wise to make it rougher on yourself than it's going to be!

Wow, Emily, you thought YOU were spreading confusing and meaningless advice!! I'm bringing the room down here :(

THe point being : have them when you want and never be surprised at what miracles they can facilitate in your lives....:)

Daniel & Zoe's Mommy said...

oh and PS

there's OUR time and there's GOD'S time and He will bring about a baby when HE is ready for y'all to have one!