Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just had a flashback to the second grade. I think it is because of the weather. We lived in OKC and I attended Westminster School. It was awesome. We (my sister and I) took gymnastics at Metro Gymnastics off of the Broadway Extension. They had an awesome foam pit. I miss that thing, except for when I would get tiny pieces of foam in my eye. That was not so much fun. Anyway, we always carpooled to gymnastics with friends from school. We would change into our leotards and have snacks at the driver's home. My leotard was a pretty sweet. It had black leggings and leopard print. I wore that thing out. One particular family we carpooled with always had Kudos bars for snakcs. Do you remember those? The M&M one was the best. Oh my gosh, I loved them! I looked forward to the carpool week all the time. I needed to get my Kudos fix! My family never had anything like that growing up. We ate apples, carrots and "junk" like that. My parents ruined me. I would occasionally (and by occasionally I mean everyday) secretly snag three pieces of white bread and hide in the downstairs bathroom to eat them. Yes, you should feel sorry for me. My mom always knew when I had done it because I left bread crumbs on the kitchen floor. Apparently I thought I was Gretel and needed to leave a trail to lead me out of the bathroom. I also left the bag of bread open on the counter. I was a smart cookie back in the day. Anyway, I loved those Kudos bars. I looked forward to them everyday before gymnastics. I'm really craving one now.

In other news, it has been exactly one week since I have been able to run. I'm feeling better, but I'm nowhere near fully recovered. I'm trying out the elliptical tonight to see how it feels. I'm thinking positive thoughts...

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gingela5 said...

Did you just eat one or something? I loved Kudos...but not as much as Cookies and Cream chewy bars which still have yet to make it to OKC! grrrr