Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exciting Announcement!

I have a huge, ginormous, exciting, mind-blowing announcement to make. Any guesses? Go ahead...start thinking in your head...any ideas yet? I bet you can't guess...

No, I'm not pregnant...
No, I did not win the lottery (shucks!)....
No, I didn't find out that after all these years Justin Timberlake really does love me...

Actually, it isn't that exciting at all, but in the King house it has been the talk and focus of the last four days. Starting this Saturday and every Saturday until the end of football season Kody and I are having a GameDay sign contest! Yes, that is right, I am bringing the excitement of GameDay straight to my living room. Here is how it is going to work...

GameDay Sign Contest Rules:
  1. Every Saturday at 9AM, signs will be posted on my blog.
  2. The sign can be about any team and any subject matter relevant to college football.
  3. Readers will have until the following Friday to vote on their favorite sign.
  4. Signs will be posted without me specifying who made each sign...gotta keep it fair.
  5. The "winning" sign will hang in my living room until there is a new winner the following week.
  6. Whoever wins the most weeks has to take the other out on a date of their choosing. Kody doesn't know about this part yet, I just added it to the rules.

I know, what a great idea, right? I don't many people that share our excitement for GameDay or college football. I love the witty banter between Chris, Lee and Kirk every Saturday morning. More than anything though, I love reading the signs in the audience. Kody and I talk about them for days. My sign is all ready to go for this Saturday. Be sure to vote! I may open it up to others if you want to participate as well. We'll see how it goes.

Side Note:

Speaking of announcements, in elementary school every time we had "announcements" the whole school sang this:

"Announcements, announcements, annoooooouncements. I sold my cow, I sold my cow, I have no need, for your bull now. Announcements, announcements Annoooouncements."

I don't think I understood the "bull" part of that until years later. I was such a naive child.


gingela5 said...

Poor Kody's going to lose everytime. If you need help let me know! Does Bailey get to make a sign?

Young Fam said...

Oh I am so in for an NSYNC Dallas reunion! I read Lance's comment in people magazine.