Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just My Luck

I having a little bit of a mental breakdown right now. Ok, not really a breakdown, but an "Are you kidding me?" kind of moment. I tend to have those a lot. The BOK Center just announced that Janet Jackson is coming to Tulsa on October 26th...JANET! It has been rumored around the media circles that she would be coming for a few weeks, but it wasn't official until a few hours ago. So why am I having an "Are you kidding me" moment? Well, about one hour before the show was announced I booked tickets to Las Vegas for the AOA convention. AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm really excited about going to Vegas (for free), but seriously do I have to miss Janet? Maybe I'll be able to see someone amazing in Vegas. Boo. It really is just my luck, bad timing. When it comes down to it I know I won't care that much, but right now I'm just a little bit weak about it.

Now for the better news... college football starts today!! Fourteen games are on tonight, none of which I really care about, but I will watch because I love love love college football. Today in the office this comment was said about me, "College football is as big as Ginny's birthday". My birthday, by the way, is a huge deal. The Florida/Hawaii game is on Saturday, but only on GamePlan and online. The OU game isn't even on TV. Kody and I are going to the lake on Saturday with some of his family for Labor Day so more than likely our DVR will be set all day long so I don't have to miss a thing from opening weekend. It won't be same as watching it live, but at least I have the option this year. DVR is going to save my life!

Can't you just feel the excitement?


gingela5 said...

OU OU OU OU OU OU OU...And I'd much rather go to Vegas than Janet...just my opinion :)

Michael and Katie said...

Ginny, we are so the same person! We have to delete what's left of the Olympics on our DVR to make room for college football. Macy's TEXAS onesie is ready and waiting for Saturday. See y'all tomorrow!

(By the way, my birthday is a HUGE deal also. Do you celebrate 1/2 birthdays? We even celebrate Jack's 1/2 birthday, which we missed this year because we were out of town. He got a special trip to PetSmart for that.)