Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Highlights

I'm posting pictures of our AWESOME newly renovated kitchen tomorrow. We have to hook up the sink and clean up the work area and we will be officially finished. YAY! Here are a few highlights from the past four days:

  • Thursday evening dinner at Wendy's. The Honda starts acting funny on the drive home.
  • Kody and I waking up at 7AM Friday morning on our day off to watch our countertops be installed.
  • Watching eight hours of Olympics while our countertops were installed.
  • Holding a hockey stick in "ready" position so I could whack Kody's arm at a moments notice if he was electrocuted while disconnecting the stove....not something you never want your husband to ask you to do ever.
  • Wendy's dinner...again.
  • Five mile run Saturday morning followed by CrossFit. Stupid.
  • Celebrating my ten year anniversary with the Acura Legend. How many people have their first car after ten years? We've been through so much together...
  • Tiling my first back splash.
  • Carrabas and snow cones Saturday night.
  • More Olympics.
  • Strawberry cake at the Clark gathering Sunday afternoon.
  • Finishing the kitchen at 11:30PM Sunday night.
  • Dropping the Honda off at the Honda dealer at 7:30 AM Monday morning.
  • Getting a call at 10 AM from the dealer telling me everything is covered by our extended warranty. Thank you Honda Care.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing week at home and cooking in our beautiful new kitchen. No more Wendy's!


gingela5 said...

Ok, you totally left out half of that stuff in your email...jerk. :) Can't wait for the pics tomorrow!

Erik Langerak said...

Hey, a fellow Legend owner! There's a great community for us at, hope to see you there. Enjoy your new kitchen!

Michael and Katie said...

I can't wait to see the pics!