Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Just for Kids!

Last night the Mr. and I had a Wal-Mart date. I have discovered the secret to getting him to accompany me to the store is to not buy anything he actually wants when I go alone. This forces him to make a choice...go to the store with me to get it or deal with not having the item of choice. Ok, I don't intentionally not purchase what he needs/wants so he'll go to the store with me, but if he is desperate enough for it he'll go. Last night he just happened to be desperate for Carmel Peanut South Beach bars, hot dogs, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

After CrossFit we headed to the Neighborhood Wal-Mart in Jenks. We were casually rolling through the bread aisle and moved onto the paper items. We needed paper towels. Kody stopped to look at the books. He was smiling and looking at the children's books so I walked over to see what the fuss was about. "Look at this shelf and tell me if you notice anything strange," he said. I walked over and we both just started giggling. What in the world could have been so funny you ask?

Hmmm..."Her Little Black Book" you say? The well defined male chest on the cover seemed a little out of place between Disney's Pixar Storybook Collection and Scooby Doo. The catchy phrase "She would never be the same again" graced the front. Fitting. And no, it wasn't like someone just threw the book on the shelf, there were multiple copies of this classic. It looked intentional. Maybe we should all shop for leisurely reading in the children's section more often. Thanks Wal-Mart!

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Ryan said...

Okay Ginny...every time I watched the sand volleyball in the Olympics I thought of you. You and Misty May-Treanor look EXACTLY alike!

I saw your comment on Maggie's blog and thought I'd pop over and say Hi. Kitchen looks good. Dog is cute. Kody is nuts. You guys are awesome.