Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heeey Yo, I'm Tired of Using Technology

My eyes are about to burn out of my skull. That might be a little dramatic, but today has been a day that I have done nothing but work at my computer. Boo. I've been really busy, so the day has gone by quickly, I just wish I could see straight. It might be helpful when I drive home in an hour. I wonder what kind of eye sight problems we are all going to have when we get older. Our generation is one of the first that has had the computer play a major role in our everyday lives for the majority of our lifetime. I wonder if we knew the actual effects technology would have on our health and life span (if any) if we would use it less? I don't think we would because our society is so dependent on technology. Just something to ponder.

Here is a random picture of three pandas on a swing. No reason, I just like pandas and think you should too.

As you may or may not know, I am the president of OSU's Student Associate Advocates group this year. It is a group of spouses and significant others of medical students. We advocate for osteopathic medicine and support the medical students as they go through school. I get to go to Las Vegas in October for the AOA convention, fully paid for I might add, because of my awesomeness. Kidding...kind of. Last night we had our first SAA "Kick Off" event for the year. I've been hounding the first year students with emails about it for two weeks. Sorry to your inbox! Last year we had about six people show up to this event. Last night we had over forty people there. FORTY! I'm seriously so excited. If you know me well you know I get very enthusiastic about things. They don't even have to be that exciting or important, I just like to be enthused. I could make popping popcorn seem like the most exciting event to ever take place on the planet. Ask Kody, it happens every night. Excuse me...I digress. I started thinking about popcorn and got excited. Back to SAA, I guess my presidency is off to a good start and being email obsessed is a blessing in disguise. Lesson of the day...persistence pays off!

Olympic tid-bit of the day:

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