Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kasey

This post is dedicated to my fabulous brother-in-law, Kasey! Today is his birthday. Kody asked me to allow him to "write" my post today. Here is Kody's birthday post for Kasey!

Top Ten Reasons Why Kasey is Tied for "Best Brother Ever"

10. If you replace a nerf dart suction cup with a thumb tac and then shoot him with it accidentally, if you beg him not to tell your parents, he won't.
9. Any athletic record you set in your life he will break it.
8. SeaDoo
7. Even if he is taller than you, faster than you, more handsome than you, a better marcher/saluter than you, and more world traveled than you, he wont rub it in.
6. He can't pogo stick because mom says his legs are too long.
5. Shower games are not off limits, as long as swords don't cross.
4. He could never leave J.P., he's comin too.
3. He is the co-inventor of such games as "black snake" and "smack the winkie"
2. No matter how old he gets, or how much of a man he has become, he still lets me be his big brother.
1. Upper Deck baseball cards are exactly what we wanted. "Happy Birthday to me"


gingela5 said...

Happy Birthday Kasey...and I could tell Kody wrote every single word of that post. Every.word.

Anonymous said...

Your top 10 are too funny! Way to go Kody, I think after that post you are ready to join the blog club. -Ashley

Susan said...

Too cute, Kody! I must say I understood all of them except the crossed swords in the shower. Hmmmm.... Mom