Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, I am Complaining a Little Bit....

My last day at work was last Wednesday. I have to say that so far my "time off" has really felt like anything but time off. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I worked the Oktoberfest fundraiser for SAA. I'm the president this year, which I love, but of course that means I have to pick up the slack if we don't have enough volunteers. I had four FANTASTIC people offer to help out, but we did not have enough to cover all the shifts we needed to cover. I basically spent a good portion of all three days sitting under a tree taking money. All I could think about was how much I wanted to get done at home during this time, but I was unable to. I took at day and half and went to Edmond on Monday and Tuesday. I was planning on staying a little longer since I have so much "time off", but other things came up and plans change. I got to spend some time with my parents, which was fantastic. I also got to see some of my friends and catch up on good gossip. Yes, there is good least in my mind there is! :) I came back early on Tuesday because Kody's grandmother and great aunt were staying with us while they attended a convention here in Tulsa. Unfortunately, Kody didn't get much cleaning done while I was gone so I was a cleaning machine all of Tuesday evening. Finally the past two days I have been able to have a little "Ginny" time. Kody and I went to Pumpkin Town with Bailey. We think she likes to see the pumpkins. We also saw Eagle Eye. Such a good movie! Tonight we will be heading to Bartlesville to see Kody's family. I'm excited to go, but I leave Sunday morning for Las Vegas so the fact that I don't have my weekend to prepare stresses me out a little. This basically means today I am in full "get ready to get out of town" mode. I have to get all my laundry done, pack, make sure Kody has food in the house so he doesn't spend money we don't have while I am gone. Oh yeah, and tonight I am working at Spook-O-Ween at the medical school and then heading the Jenks/Bartlesville game and driving to B-ville after the game. Again, I'm not complaining, I'm just so busy!

I get back from Las Vegas on Tuesday night around 11PM. I am going with another girl whose husband is a third year with Kody. We are delegates for Oklahoma for the Osteopathic Convention. YAY! Wednesday morning at 7:45AM I have to be at orientation for my new job. This lasts for two whole days...until 5PM each day. So basically, I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to myself before I start my new job on Monday. Yes, I am complaining a little bit, but my two and half weeks of vacation has turned from me spending time with friends, leisurely Christmas shopping and Utica Square, decorating the house for the holidays and getting into the best shape of my life into me trying to cram in a bunch of stuff I didn't really plan on doing. Ugh. Maybe I'll be ready to go back to work soon.

I feel better now.


gingela5 said...

Good grief girl! Yuck! And I thought I'd be jealous of you! I am not...haha! Have fun in Vegas--and remember, what happens in vegas will eventually be found out by me. So keep it clean.

Amy K said...

I totally believe there is good gossip too!!! Now I have to go write on Angela's blog or she will get mad.