Friday, March 6, 2009

Gym Etiquette

You may not think there are rules about personal space when working out at the gym, but there are. It is kind of like the rules that apply to seating in a movie theater. If there are empty rows at a theater, you don't plop down right next to someone, right? A savvy movie watcher knows that you go to to the next available row or at least give plenty of space in between you and the other attendees. I like to apply these same principles to treadmills. If I show up at the gym at 6AM it is not to be social, it is to run. If I am on the back row of treadmills and there are two completely empty rows of eight treadmills in front of me, it is not OK to hop onto the empty treadmill directly next to me. I just wanted to clarify this point to everyone, because this morning it seems that a man was confused and thought he had to help fill up each row before moving onto the next one. I'm still confused as to how he thought it would be fun for us to run right next to each other when no one else was there. The last thing I want to do is listen to another runner's stride and breathing when I'm having a hard enough time getting into my rhythm...ugh!

In other news, aren't you sooooooo excited that Matt and Anoop both made it into the newly formed American Idol Top 13 last night?? Yes, I was busting out some sweet 90's dance moves while Anoop rocked some Bobby Brown. Just ask Kody, I was giddy. My top four picks are all in. WOOHOO. I predict that one of the females will be the first to go...maybe Megan. I just can't get into her vibe...all the wiggling distracts me.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like he wanted to jump your bones! People are idiots--that's why he got on the one right next to you. :)

Trisha said...

ewww. that is awkward. at least it wasn't one directly behind you, watching your every move! :)

love your blog layout. cute stuff!

Robertson's said...

I heard Lori Fullbright speak last week - news channel 6 crime reporter - she would say that guy was after you!!