Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The past few days have been a great reminder to me about the incredible power of prayer and the continuing need for it even when things seems to be going our way. I have many friends currently in need of prayers and many who are seeing the amazing grace of God and the healing that only He can bring. These friends of mine and their situations serve as a humbling reminder that I am not in control and never will be. Control is one my biggest struggles.

Although you may not know these individuals or their situations, but God does. Please keep them in your payers: Matt, Levi, Marcie, Corey, Elijah, Pam, Stellan, Robin, Jennifer and myself.

These are just a few of those I know are in need of prayers for healing, encouragement, or strength. Life is short and not our own. I pray that all of you value every second you are given with your loved ones. I pray that you make an impact in a positive way and never let a challenge break your spirit.

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