Friday, March 20, 2009

Hospital Fun

Last night I accompanied Kody to the hospital for the first time since he has been on rotations. We were leaving CrossFit a little after 7:30PM and Kody got a call from one of his med school buddies. Apparently he had injured his toe on a door and it was sticking out at a forty-five degree angle. He asked Kody what he thought he should do and Kody gave him some suggestions. Eventually they came to the conclusion that they should meet at the hospital and Kody would try to help him out.

Now, I believe in my husband more than anyone in the world, but let's face it, we both knew that three weeks of his first ortho rotation hardly made him an expert on broken toes. Anyway, we headed up to the hospital and Kody grabbed some scrubs as I followed him around. Finally the friend arrived and they headed back to the surgery area. I waited by the elevators because I was not "Authorized Personnel". They emerged later and the friend's toe was wrapped and the x-ray showed it was not fractured. He was still in a lot of pain so I really felt for him!

On the way home I told Kody how being there with him took me back to my childhood. I ended up at the hospital (Children's in OKC) probably every other weekend with my dad growing up. We would always end up stopping by on our way to lunch or the zoo on the weekends so my dad could look at x-rays or make rounds. I was young so I didn't know the difference. Robin and I would end up taking turns standing behind the office skeleton and making it move. I am amazed at how entertained we were by that thing. We would sneak into exam rooms and look at all the cotton swabs and pretend to take each others blood pressure. We had races up and down the halls that drove my mom crazy. I feel so bad for her that she had to keep us "under control" the whole time. I really loved going to that hospital. I got excited that some day my children may get to experience the same thing. I know it sounds silly, but it is something made me feel special. It also made me really comfortable with hospitals which I am sure will come in handy at some point in my life.

Anyway, it was a late night. I got to see Kody mingle with hospital staff and what he looked roaming the halls of the hospital. He looked like a pro! Also, Kody has pretty much confirmed at this point that he wants to do orthopedic surgery. It is going to be a long road and he is going to have to be really impressive on his rotations. I know he can do it. He is motivated and interested and I love to see him in that mindset. He is incredibly brilliant and has the most amazing ability to learn. I am impressed by him everyday. As long as he is happy, I am happy!


Robertson's said...

It is so awesome to see your hubby doing what he loves!!

Melisa said...

I agree with Mrs. Robertson. ;o) It is such a good feeling when you see them in their element and they just glow.