Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After a two hour delay in Houston on Friday I finally made it to Orlando! The highlight of the flight was listening to the girl sitting behind me looking at the window yelling "Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell! Where are you Tinkerbell!" as we were landing in Orlando. She was going to Disney for her birthday. I think she was turning five. It was precious. I arrived sick as a dog (Kody and I both had the Type A Flu according to Kody's doctor). I had a great time despite the sore throat, chills, aches and constant coughing. Something about the Florida sunshine and dancing the "Cuban Shuffle" at a wedding can make you temporarily forget how horrible it is to be sick. I get a F- for my picture taking. My dad, however, played camera man the whole trip so hopefully I'll have some good pictures of the event soon. Here is the lone picture I got all weekend. My cousins Jennifer, Julie and myself right before the wedding. Seriously....one picture....pathetic.

Kody starts his orthopedic rotation today here in Tulsa. I am beyond excited to hear how his first day goes. I feel horrible because I got him sick. He had the worst of it yesterday. Thankfully he is feeling a lot better today. Thank goodness for Zicam, DayQuil and Russel Stover Sugar Free Marshmallow Eggs...yes, they are a great flu remedy. Didn't you know?

I would comment on The Bachelor last night, but I haven't been able to really come to a conclusion on how I feel about the whole situation. I didn't really care who he picked. I liked Jillian. Poor Jason, such a conflicted fellow....

Oh yes, and the wedding cake was really good. It was chocolate. Score.


Robertson's said...

I totally didn't know you had a blog!! I am adding you to my reading list - so excited.

Anonymous said...

I like your new blog look! Yeah wedding cake, can't wait to go down that road! WOO HOO!