Friday, April 3, 2009

Bye, Bye ER

Last night was the series finale of ER. I watched ER when it first came on air, but over the last ten years I have only seen an episode here or there. Last weekend I managed to watch the past four episodes that were stored in the On Demand section of the DVR. Last night, I decided to be one of the millions that said good by to the ER physicians at County. I managed to make myself cry a good four times throughout the show. Kody watched with me while he played Sonic the Hedgehog on his old school Sega that I bought him when we were in college. Kody has not done his ER rotation yet, but of course he made comments throughout the whole show like, "That never happens" or "A medical student would never say that to a nurse". Whatever. It is drama. I like the drama.

After ER we were ready to get in bed, but unfortunately I had a minor freak out and decided I needed to clean the entire kitchen before bed. I'm embarrassed to admit that it has been a few weeks since I have really taken the time to clean anything. I swept the kitchen floor, Wet Jet swiffered (I love that thing), ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry, folded two loads of laundry, and scrubbed down the kitchen counters. I'm not sure what came over me. It was amazing, but I could not be stopped. I woke up this morning and the house just smelled clean. It almost brought me to tears. I haven't smelled that in the morning for so long. I was so inspired that I changed our sheets and did some more laundry before heading to work. I feel so much better about life.


I'm Just Me said...

sometimes all we need is a lil' spring cleaning to make the world shiny and new again!

Doc's Girl said...

I love the smell of a clean home...:)