Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Needed: New Tires

Oh joy....

Last night as I was pulling into CrossFit, I noticed my front right tire making a strange noise. I parked, got out and noticed a beautiful screw that had lodged itself securely into my poor tire. Great. I'm getting ready to work out and the last thing I want to do is worry about a slowly deflating tire. It was hissing at me. The nerve! Thankfully, my wonderful CrossFit friends jumped to my rescue! They got it patched up with some tar goob that worked wonders. I also learned out to check air pressure with an air gauge from some of the gals. Don't judge me. I have never had to deal with flat tires. This is why I have AAA! :)

In all the excitement we decided we need new tires. I'm going into Firestone to drop $502 (which includes tax) for four brand spanking new wheels. They are much needed. I did the penny test on the tread...it was not a pretty sight. There is about zero tread left. In other great news, it looks like the Acura is going to need new tires as well. Hallelujah for tax refunds!

Quick Updates/Facts:
  • CrossFit Qualifier is in less than ten days. Oh my.
  • Orange Tree in Edmond is my new best friend.
  • My lawnmower is still broken and my yard looks like a forest.
  • Kody leaves in less than two weeks for two months of rotations out of Tulsa. Boo.
  • I have chewed five pieces of gum since lunch.
  • We finally purchased the drums for Rock Band. Kody and I had a drum off. I won by a landslide.
  • I love peppered turkey.
  • I brought everyone in my office cookies today. I'm pretty much the sweetest person I know.
  • We need a new mattress. The end.


mydogumentary said...

So does that mean you were in Edmond and didn't call?! I'll remember that next time I'm in Tulsa...

Lauren said...

I miss your face Virginia!! When will I see you again?

Emily said...

We blew a tire on the way to church on Sunday. Yay for dropping $170 on new a new tire.