Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Hundred and Twenty Years Ago...

...The Oklahoma land run took place. Seventeen years ago on this day I participated in my very own land run as did every other fourth grader in Edmond. It was pretty awesome. We were all assigned "families". Our family name was The Griswolds. Yes, from Family Vacation. I have to believe we were a bit more successful in our travels than Clark and the gang, but nevertheless, we were The Griswolds. I was the mom, probably because I wanted to be in charge. Shocking. We made our own covered wagons and wore sweet pioneer attire. I think it was one of my better looks. Here is where it got really fun...we all lined up and took off at high noon (just like the real thing!) with our families. We ran and pulled our covered wagons to find a "plot of land" to call our own. We roped off about a 10'x10' space. The Griswold clan found a cozy little spot along the outskirts of the "territory". My job was to run to the "claims office" to officially stake our claim. I distinctly remember taking off in a mad sprint across the field. No one was going to steal our land! Thankfully I successfully filed our claim and we all enjoyed our lunch on our little piece of land. What a great day!

Robin and I have been reminiscing via texts all day. We decided some day we will go back to the Will Rogers field and reenact the land run together. It should be fun.

Random picture of Kody and Robin playing with a turkey. No real reason to put this here other than it makes me laugh.

Sappy Alert:
I have to take a moment and brag on my fabulous husband. I don't do it near enough and he would probably be mortified if he knew I was blogging about him like this, but I'm just so darn proud of him. Kody's best and worst quality is that he gets obsessive about things he loves. It pays off when it is something productive like working out, school, fixing things around the house, etc. It is not so productive when it is things like Sega. Ever since Kody has set his sights on becoming an orthopedic surgeon he has just been a big ball of work ethic. It is amazing. It is so fun to see him so enthusiastic and positive. He scrubs in on surgeries the minute he is finished with his current rotation commitment at 5PM and he goes in early to fracture conference on days he can be in late. This means at least two or three nights a week he isn't home until after 9PM when he could have been home at 5PM relaxing. Even though he is tired, he is happy. I don't even mind that some nights I don't see him because I know he is striving to be the best he can be. Plus, I get to watch Grey's Anatomy without him begging me to change the channel.

I have been praying so much for this kind of determination. I am so thankful to see it and know that he is doing it on his own and not because someone told him he should. Keep it up Kody! Hard work does pay off. Who knows what will happen to us in the next ten months. We know the road for us may be a long, confusing and different one, but we are ready and willing to put in whatever it takes from both of us to make it happen. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who knows what he wants and is willing do what needs to done to make it happen without sacrificing our relationship. You are amazing!

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