Thursday, April 23, 2009


I knew it would happen someday. I knew I would be driving along the road and see a dog in need and pick it up and take it home. Last night it happened. These two precious, beautiful Labradors were strolling down a busy street near our home. I pulled my car over and tried to get them to come to me. To my distress, NO ONE stopped to help me. It was very easy to see I was chasing after the dogs. What if they were my dogs? I would have stopped to help, but of course, I am a better person than most. Kidding.

I called Kody and he brought two leashes. They let us put the leashes on and just trotted behind us. We got them home, fed them and gave them water. These are the two sweetest girls. They follows us around and like Bailey. I am so impressed with them. They are obviously best friends. I have posted signs and posted messages on Craigslist, Tulsa Humane Society, Tulsa Lab Rescue and the Tulsa World. No hits yet. I hope we find these girls their home or at least a loving home they can BOTH go to. I will not split them up and I will NOT send them to a kill shelter. Unfortunately, there aren't many no kill shelters around here. Here are our two darlings:

"Lily"and "Daisy"


mydogumentary said...

I was thinking Bella and Stella...but whatever those are good names too. And I WANT THEM! :)

Michael and Katie said...

Ok, I want them too. Michael said we couldn't get another dog, but he didn't say ANYTHING about getting 2 dogs! :) On a side note, I need your help...Michael is getting me a Garmin running watch for my birthday and I'm SO excited. But, I don't know what kind to get, what to look for, etc., so that's where I need your expertise. I'll try to just give you a call tonight and discuss it. I'm also sad that you won't be running the half on Sunday :( Take care and talk to you tonight!

Alexandra said...

Cute puppies! No, we don't want them! hehe