Thursday, September 17, 2009


Did you catch Glee last night? Oh. My. Seriously. I was laughing the entire episode. Bell Biv Devo and Color Me Badd covers? Amazing. Right up my ally. I picture Kody in an Acafellas type group in ten or so years. I think that would be awesome. It will be a good way to let off steam away from the hospital, right? I'm starting to think of songs I want his group to sing...I'm sure there will be some *N SYNC and possibly Britney? Yes, Britney.

If you did not see Glee last night you must go watch it immediately. Go here now.

I am officially an Acafellas fan. Where do I get my CD?


katyjo30 said...

I love GLEE!!! I was dragging Brody out of church last night to catch it in time.

I looked at those honeymoon packages in Penn. That look AWESOME! We definitely want something like that.

Amy K. said...

When I was watching, I was thinking if I only lived in
The Beverly and had Ginny singing with me!