Monday, September 21, 2009

A Few Thoughts...

Thought Number 1:
Saturday was a BIG day. BIG. Florida opened up SEC play against the evil Tennessee Volunteers. OK, they aren't evil. I just said that for dramatic effect. I'm sure they are all very nice, respectable people except for one (cough cough Lane Kiffin cough cough). Alright, even Lane Kiffen is OK. His wife is a Florida graduate. Anyway, my big plan was to make it to Edmond in time for kick off. I'm making great time on I-44 from Tulsa. All the sudden I hit mile marker 148...just eleven miles from my exit. Traffic stops. Ugh. I proceed at a crawl for the next thirty minutes and pass five count them FIVE separate wrecks in an eight mile stretch. I'm not exaggerating, I promise. Here is the best part. They aren't just fender benders. These cars are smashed, turned 180 degrees and have flat tires. Hopefully no one was injured of course. How in the world did this happen? Then I realize the OU/Tulsa game was starting at 2:30. It just so happens that three of the five wrecks slowing me on my way to the Florida game via television are all wearing OU or Tulsa shirts. OH MY GOODNESS. Are Sooner and Golden Hurricane fans that bad of drivers? The answer is simple. Yes. Luckily I had on my Florida shirt so every knew I was not responsible for any of the ridiculousness on the turnpike. And yes, it was complete ridiculousness. Maybe OU and Tulsa should both implement some driving hours into their degree programs. Dont' worry...I only missed the first three minutes of my game. We won.

Thought Number 2:
Sunday morning I took the train to Fort Worth so I could attend my future sister in law's (Ashley) bridal shower. I love taking the train to Fort Worth. It is relaxing and sort of an adventure. The conductor came over the intercom just as we pulled out of the station. He proceeded to say how the Heartland Flyer is a family train and parents should keep their kids from running up and down the aisle. You know, the usual stuff that a good parent wouldn't need to hear from a train conductor because most parents do their best to not let their children annoy the heck out of everyone around them. The minute he quit talking a boy about six went flying down the aisle with his giant, blue, plastic gun. This went on for about oh....four hours. It was OK though, I slept through two hours of it. When I woke up though he was still at it. His mother most have slept through it too. Goodness.

Thought Number 3:
At lunch today I met with a rep at a great Mexican restaurant. My new meal of choice is fajitas minus the beans, rice and tortillas. Before you judge me, it is totally yummy and totally paleo. I love it. I tell him that I want the lunch fajitas without all the extra stuff...I just want the skillet. My mouth waters just thinking about. The next ten minutes I am full of anticipation waiting for my yummy meal. He brings are food out and what did he bring me? A plate with a chicken breast on it and a side of guacamole. Ummmm, where is my skillet? Where are my onions and peppers? Where is the sizzle? He proceeds to tell me that he tried to save me some money by just bringing the chicken, but the kitchen forgot about the skillet. Well sir, I appreciate the thought, but I didn't' ask you to save me money...I asked for a fajita skillet! He felt bad, but it was OK. I ate it and it was still yummy. Words of advice to servers at Mexican restaurants: If I ask for a skillet bring me one...with I ordered the first time. Is it that difficult? I think not.

The end. I feel better now. Happy last day of summer!

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