Thursday, September 24, 2009

Premier Week!

It is my one of my favorite weeks of the year, second only to Christmas. It is premier week! That's right, all the new shows are rolling out. New seasons of old favorites are starting back up. It is just a glorious time of year. Since I buy media for a living, which includes TV, I have to pay extra special attention to what is going on in TV land. Here is a run down of some of my favorite new shows so far and a few that I am very excited about, but are still on my DVR waiting patiently to be viewed.

Seen It and Love It:

CBS - The Good Wife (Tuesday, 9PM central)
Julianna Margulies (ER) and Josh Charles (Sports Night, Dead Poets Society) star in this new drama. Alicia (Margulies) is the wife of a very public figure who has embarrassed his entire family with adventures with "working women". Think Elliot Spitzer and the call girl. Alicia goes back to work as a lawyer for friend Will ( him!). She struggles with building back her career, marriage and being a mother.
Why I Like It: Josh Charles. OK, besides him, Alica's character is rockin. She is intelligent. It gives good inside to public marriages behind the scenes. She has to deal with her husband's mistakes while maintaining a positive public image herself. I love courtroom drama, so there is lots of that too since she is , well, a lawyer. I have high hopes for this one!

FOX - Glee (Wednesday, 8PM central)
OK, we already know I love this one, but let me talk about it a little bit more. Glee is so smart. Smart, smart, smart. It is a show that will appeal to the masses. There is something for everyone. High school drama, musical numbers, quirky kids, weird adult relationships and most importantly Jane Lynch as the high school's cheerleader/protein shake drinking coach. She is fantastic. Last night she talked about how caning should be allowed in schools. Seriously? Her character is just too much and I love every bit of it.
Why I Like It: It makes me laugh and makes me sing. Seriously, that is all I need.

NBC - Community (Thursday, 8:30PM)
Oh Joel McHale. Jeff Winger (McHale) has enrolled in community college. His degree from Columbia (the country, not ivy league) is not exactly smiled upon by the law firm he works for as a lawyer. Oops. He heads back to school to get his credits. He begins to fancy a young lady named Britta and lies about being a certified Spanish tutor. She needs help in Spanish. He wants to be her knight in shining armor. He actually knows nothing about Spanish. The cast is great. Chevy Chase joins the cast as Pierce, a man who has experienced everything life has to offer and loves to share his wisdom. Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, is my favorite character. He loves pop culture and will befriend anyone. He is hysterical. I'm hoping this one picks up speed. All the sitcoms I start to love get tossed to the side mid season. (Notes From the Underbelly....I miss you)
Why I Like It: Lots of different personalities on screen.

On My DVR...Patiently Waiting:

CBS - NCIS LA (Tuesday, 8PM central)
Welcome back Chris O'Donnell. I love this guy. LL Cool J stars in this one as well. I am so eager to see these two on screen as a duo! We love NCIS in my house so I am hopeful this one is a keeper. I haven't heard much about it yet, so we will see.

ABC - Cougar Town (Wednesday, 8:30PM central)
Courtney Cox is back! Enough said. I'm there. I am a huge Courtney Cox fan. She will always be Monica in my heart, but I love her no matter what she does. The fact that this show is called Cougar Town alone makes me laugh. High hopes here. I need another good sitcom in my life. This one is airing again this Friday at 8:30PM if you missed it.

Coming Soon:

ABC - Flash Forward (Thursday, 7PM central)
This one is getting lots of buzz in media circles. I'm intrigued.

So Glad You Are Back:
CBS - Criminal Minds (Wednesday, 8PM)
ABC - Grey's Anatomy (Thursday, 8PM)
CBS - Numbers (Friday, 9PM)
ABC - Brother's and Sister's (Sunday, 9PM)

*Please note, I do not watch all these show as the regularly air. That is what my DVR is for. I do not spend every spare moment in front of the television. It just sounds like I do. Don't judge me. I just like my entertainment.


Emily said...

You forgot to mention the best thing Josh Charles has ever done - Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. One of the best of all time.

katyjo30 said...

I'm so glad someone else loves TV as much as I do! Maybe I should be a media buyer...I am an Advertising major..