Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gotta Stop...

The residency match application (ERAS) has a pretty sweet system. You fill out one application, approve the release of your board scores, and determine what letters of recommendation you want to have available for different specialties to see. It is a nice streamlined process. At least, it seems a lot better than the agony of filling out multiple medical school applications! Since we have submitted the application to the ten different programs, ERAS allows us to track the progress of each application. We can see what day and time each program downloaded the application, transcript, COMLEX scores (board scores), letters of recommendation, etc.

OK, obviously, this is bad new for me. I have been obsessively checking the status of all programs since it was submitted yesterday. I keep texting Kody saying "OKC has your stuff", "OSU just download your application", "Pontiac hasn't looked yet", "COMLEX just released your scores and now everyone can see them".

OH MY GOODNESS. Why in the world would they allow me to be able to torture myself this way?

No, I can't just not look. Not. Possible.

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