Monday, November 2, 2009

A Big Thank You!

I have the best friends. Yes, I consider my parents and Kody my friends also. They are great. The past six or seven months have just been insane. Kody has been roaming the country, I have been traveling like a mad woman to visit him on weekends or to visit friends and family from home while he was out of state. It has just been exhausting and now FINALLY it is about to slow down. Less traveling, Kody will be home more and we are going on vacation in four weeks. Hallelujah!

Kody lived with my family during the month of June and October while on rotations in OKC. While I know my family and his would do anything for us in a heartbeat, I also know it takes a lot to open your home to anyone for that long of a time. I honestly don't know if I could do it. I pray that I could, but I am such a "need my space and privacy" kind of person sometimes. Yikes. We all have our routines and we all do things different ways. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful Kody and I are for our wonderful, generous families who love us and care for us even though we are "adults". Kody's mom always calls to take me to dinner whenever she is in town so I we can catch up. It is always fun. My mom always calls to get Kody's list of "must haves" food and drink wise before he arrives for the month. Neither of them have to do these things, but they do because they love us. It is fun to see Kody's mom taking care of me and my mom taking care of Kody.

To top off the family kindness, Kody's brother Kasey is playing host to Kody in Enid for the month of November....the same month he is getting married! Poor Ashley. I can just picture her trying to have conversations with Kasey on the phone about wedding details and Kody yelling in the background, "Kasey! Come play with ME! I just invented this really awesome new her back later!" and then Kasey having to hang up the phone because Kody has decided his bones won't work and has fallen underneath the coffee table and needs help getting up. If you know my husband or anything about our very interesting relationship prior to marriage and beyond then you will be laughing your socks off in agreement. Ashley, I'm so sorry. Truly sorry.

And now to all my wonderful friends who are like family to me, but not related by paper or name. I love you all. What would I do without all of you? No matter where I live now or in the future, I have a great core group of friends that will always support and love me.

Here are some special girls from Natalie's baby shower last week.

Cassie, Natalie, Kinsey, Me, Cari and her darling Cali.

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